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3G/HD/SD-SDI Fiber Optic-To-HDMI Converter

BBG-F-TO-H 3G/HD/SD-SDI Fiber Optic-To-HDMI Converter

The new Blue Box Fiber-To-HDMI (BBG-F-TO-H) throw-down converter unit is a new part of the Blue Box Group™ of compact, rugged, and portable converter boxes.
BBG-F-TO-H offers a compact throwdown unit that provides direct fiber-to-HDMI conversion and much more.

The flexible built-in crosspoint and flexible I/O allows BBG-F-TO-H to also act as a fiber regen while providing an HDMI output.
The HDMI output can be set to instead provide a DVI-D output directly compatible with computer monitors. BBG-F-TO-H also can receive a coax SDI input (SMPTE 259M, 292M, and 424M) and in turn provide an HDMI and a fiber output.
BBG-F-TO-H can also provide a coax SDI output while converting fiber to HDMI. A convenience stereo analog audio de-embed output is also provided.

BBG-F-TO-H can be configured using the device DIP switches or by using an intuitive GUI application that communicates with BBG-F-TO-H over a PC’s USB port.
The GUI app allows dynamic configuration control, status display, and other advanced control functions not commonly found on “throwdown” packages.
When configured using the GUI app, the USB connection can be removed with all settings held in non-volatile device memory.