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Aavara Innovation Corp

A leading brand within the AV industry and official HDMI adopter; is a specialist in developing cutting-edge HD Distribution solutions for Digital Signage & Residential application.
Aavara® is a Taiwan-based company with a logistics hub located in the Netherlands.
This allows us to offer a 3-day-delivery to all our European distributors.
Aavara pursues continuous research and development in three areas of HD signal distribution solutions – HDMI over IP, HDMI over Single Coax and HDMI over Single Cat5e/6.
Aavara’s designs comes with added value and unique combinations, which meet the demands of specialist projects and reduce system integration complexity.
Building on the success of its HD Distribution solutions surrounding residential and digital signage applications, Aavara also supplies high quality mounting systems.
These range from LED/LCD/Plasma/Monitor to Projector Mounts, allowing the company to provide a complete AV solution.

The Aavara™ mission

Aavara™ was developed with the passionate belief that functional products can be both beautiful and durable.
Combining the latest technology from the Far East with the simple sophistication of Scandinavia, Aavara™ is a synergy between East and West to inspire your living space and give you the solution to your wall or ceiling mounting needs.
With a broad range of products designed to fit large LCD and plasma TVs, installation is easy and straightforward enabling everyone to create a home entertainment system that makes a visual impact and gives your home the ‘designer look’ while maximising room space.
We want you to have the best and constantly strive in the area of research and development to ensure our range of products are offering the customer the very latest in technology, design and materials

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