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AES Audio Embedder/De-Embedder – AES-3id 75Ω (BNC)

BBG-EMDE-AES75 3G/HD/SD AES Audio Embedder/De-Embedder – AES-3id 75Ω (BNC)

BlueBox™ offers excellent performance, and excels to a new level of ease of use and installation practicality.

The BlueBox™ 3G/HD/SD AES Audio Embedder/De-Embedder provides full 16-channel embed and de-embed between AES and all four groups of embedded audio.
Audio embed adaptive SRC allows asynchronous 48 kHz AES audio to automatically sync with device 48 kHz timing for glitch-free embedding. Individual, per-pair SRC auto-detects and disables SRC when a Dolby pair is detected on an input pair.

Embed/de-embed selection can be configured using the device DIP switches or by using an intuitive GUI application that communicates with BBG-EMDE-AES over a PC’s USB port.
The GUI app allows dynamic configuration control, status display, audio meters, tone generators, and other advanced control functions not commonly found on “throwdown” packages.
When configured using the GUI app, the USB connection can be removed with all settings held in non-volatile device memory.