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Analog to SDI Converter

BBG-A-TO-S HD/SD Analog Component/Composite-To-HD/SD-SDI with Audio Embedder

Cobalt introduces Blue Box Group™ – our all-new line of interface converter boxes that not only offer excellent performance, but also excel to a new level of ease of use and installation practicality.

Blue Box can power directly via USB to get its power from video monitors or other equipment.
Blue Box Analog to SDI offers CVBS SD or component SD/HD conversion to SDI using high-quality 12-bit A/D conversion, with SD line 21 closed-captioning passed onto the converted stream.

Full support of multiple analog standards such as SMPTE, Betacam™, MII, RGB, and S-video (Y/C) is provided.
A stereo analog audio pair can be embedded onto embedded audio channels 1/2 with full 24-bit resolution