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General about the BarnOne (1RU) frame concept

Saving our customers rack space and money is the Barnfind philosophy! Our goal is to offer the most flexible and affordable infrastructure platform in the Video Business with the greenest technologies available at any time.
We have a platform based on the universal SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) offerings. We accept all kinds of SFP manufacturers following the MSA standard. This means that we also allow the client to install other SFP’s into the BarnOne than the ones we offer in our own portfolio. Most competitors do non-standard pin layout and are extremely expensive.

You do not need hundreds of circuit boards anymore, do it with SFP’s! Reduce your application from 3-6RU to 1RU BarnOne!

BarnOne offers all functions in one frame including fiber transport, PtP, WDM, CWDM, DWDM, routing, embedding, IP/ASI conversion, distribution, add/drop/pass, HDMI, SNMP and offers easy integration to other 3rd party control systems (e.g. Skyline). Barnfind’s BarnStudio software facilitates all necessary control functions of BarnOne’s.


Every BarnOne is equipped with a 120W Power Supply (PSU). Even with the most demanding SFP’s only some 65% of PSU max capacity is utilized. Redundant PSU means 2 x times the same PSU connected to 2 independent connectors on the rear of the frame. The PSU has a locking function at the connector to ensure stability. Barnfind offers additional general redundancy options such as optical changeovers and redundant multiplexer etc. Please ask your Barnfind team for more details.

Every BarnOne frame offers:

Full 32 x 32 cross point matrix

All BarnOne frames are equipped with a full 32 x 32 crosspoint matrix for the full flexibility to route, switch and duplicate any input to any output, regardless if it is optical or coaxial. Each BarnOne frame contains a minimum of main board (with 16 SFP ports), control card and a replaceable fan cassette. Each frame can be mounted in the front or in the rear by turning the frame brackets.

Bi-directional SFP and BNC ports

All BarnOne frames are equipped with different combinations of BNC, SFP, CWDM multiplexers etc. Every BNC and SFP port is bi-directional (both input and output). Custom configuration is easily accomplished via our BarnStudio software; a powerful function in e.g. O/E and E/O conversion. Simply route your electric signal to an optical output, done! BarnStudio enables you to Bypass, Lock (to any common used SDI signals between 270Mbps to 3G) or Auto the re-clocking function for every output port (BNC or SFP).

Reference input

Every BarnOne can be connected to an external sync source, or you can select from one of the input (analog or digital) signals.

Easy to maintain for your engineers

Every BarnOne is equipped with an outside mounted fan cassette to ensure quick and easy replacement of cooling fans. The exchange can be done by the operator while in operation. The BarnOne frames are designed to handle rough and harsh environments. Every BarnOne frame offers LED indicators for both PSU (single and/or redundant) and Alarm for critical failures. Barnfind offers a 2 years warranty, with the option to expand to 5 years. Please ask your local partner or Barnfind for details.