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The DisplayPort 1.2a Fiber Extender Kit, 500502 enables the user to transmit WQUXGA (3840×22400) video at 60Hz signal up to 330ft (100m), with any form of scaling or data compression being applied to the signal.
This device support a total data throughput of 21.6Gbps (5.4Gbps per lane).

Typical Applications:
Extending DisplayPort Monitors in various applications including;
Commercial and residential computer systems
Classroom training computer systems
Collaborative computer systems
Medical information computer systems

Extend DisplayPort connectivity via multi-mode fiber
Supports the DisplayPort 1.2a standard
Up to 330ft (100m) over 50/125m multi-mode fiber
Supports WQUXGA (3840×2400) resolution @ 60Hz
Bandwidth of 21.6Gbps
Supports Dual-Mode DP (DP++)
Supports auxiliary/I2C channel over fiber
Compact Metal Enclosure for a robust and easy installation

muxlab part number:500502