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Purveyors of Fine Video Gear – Loved By Engineers Worldwide

By Engineers, For Engineers
In 1989, a former television station engineer who loved designing and building video equipment, decided to start a new company.

He relished the idea of taking an existing group of equipment and adding a few special pieces in order to create an even more elegant ensemble.
So, he designed and built his first product and the company was born.

Focused On What You Need
As the company has grown, more former TV station engineers have joined Ensemble Designs and this wealth of practical experience fuels the company’s innovation.

Everyone at the company is focused on providing the very equipment you need to complete your ensemble of video and audio gear.
We offer those special pieces that tie everything together so that when combined, the whole ensemble is exactly what you need.

Notably Great Service for You
We listen to you – just tell us what you need and we’ll do our best to build it.
We are completely focused on you and the equipment you need. Being privately held means we don’t have to worry about a big board of directors or anything else that might take attention away from real business.
And, you can be sure that when you call a real person will answer the phone. We love this business and we’re here to stay.

Bricks and Mortar of Your Facility
The bricks and mortar of a facility include pieces like up/downconverters, audio embedders, video converters, protection switches and SPGs for SD, HD and 3Gb/s.
That’s what we’re focused on, that’s all we do – we make proven and reliable signal processing and infrastructure gear for broadcasters worldwide, for you.

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