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HDMI-To-3G/HD/SD-SDI with Audio Embedder

BBG-H-TO-S HDMI-To-3G/HD/SD-SDI with Audio Embedder

Cobalt introduces Blue Box Group™ – our all-new line of interface converter boxes that not only offer excellent performance, but also excel to a new level of ease of use and installation practicality.
Blue Box can power directly via USB to get its power from video monitors or other equipment.
Blue Box BBG H-To-S provides true 3G and HD conversions from HDMI to SMPTE 424M, 292M, or 259M.
The HDMI input can also receive and convert DVI-D sources (limited to SMPTE HD formats).
Embedded audio on the 2x SDI output can be sourced from the HDMI input (channels 1-8) or from a line-level analog audio pair input.
Along with the analog audio embedding offered by BBG H-To-S, this allows an SDI output with embedded audio using DVI-D video sources.