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openGear is the award winning, industry standard, modular terminal gear platform and it continues to be adopted by end users across a diverse range of markets.

Cobalt Digital is proud to have been a founding partner of this customer centric, open-architecture platform, that allows users to select the best solution for their needs from multiple openGear manufacturing partners all while maintaining a standardized rack frame form-factor and software GUI.

The openGear system is comprised of a 2RU, 20-Slot “card cage” that supports high-capacity redundant power supplies, dual genlock inputs and Gigabit Ethernet frame controller for use with the DashBoard remote control and monitoring software.

The frame controller resides in a dedicated 21st card slot which leaves 20 slots available and does not detract from the extreme densities that are achievable with Cobalt Digital’s award winning processing and distribution cards.

9000 Series product numbers designate openGear modular cards.

2RU frame houses up to 20 openGear® cards
Supports any mix of analog, digital, video and audio modules
Gigabit Ethernet-based frame controller
SNMP monitoring and control option
Multiple rear I/O modules are available for most cards
Removable front door for easy fan servicing
Frames come standard with cooling fans for cards and power supplies
2 independent looping references with connection to each card slot
Optional redundant power supply, hot-swappable for 24/7 operation
Robust 360 watt power supply with integral cooling

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