Countdown or Countup Clock Timer

The RC600 is a remote control that adds both count-down and count-up timer control features to our NTDS and TCDS clocks.
Reference or generate time input from NTP or time code (IRIG & SMPTE).
Control a virtually unlimited number of time code clocks and  network clocks.

Count-up or count-down up to 99 hours
Reference time from NTP, IRIG-B or SMPTE (30/25/24 fps non drop frame)
Generate NTP or SMPTE (30/25/24 fps non drop frame)
Control an unlimited number of network clocks and devices via Ethernet
Control an unlimited number time code clocks via SMPTE BNC output
Real time clock chip retains time during loss of power or time reference
Modes include count-down, count-up, count to time, and clock
6-digit LED display

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