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General information about the SFPs

The Barnfind philosophy is to offer a future proof platform that saves customers space and money. Our BarnOne concept accepts any SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) because you never know what tomorrow brings! Any of today’s SFP will fit into the system, and we are prepared also for those that do not exist yet. Barnfind has the Barn for it. All SFP’s are installed in SFP cages in our Barns that are capable of handling signals up to 10Gbps.

All known and unknown SFP manufacturer are welcome to house their SFP solutions in our Barns. If you would like to build your own SFP we can house it in our BarnOne and integrate it with our total solutions for the global market.

Please tell us if you don’t see the SFP you are looking for as only a small initial selection of SFP possibilities are listed.

Please ask for other versions and SFP brands.

Whether our own SFP’s or 3rd parties SFP’s our BarnStudio reads the needed information about port number, temperature, signal strengths, signal loss, manufacturer, serial number, wave length, connector type, and displays this in a separate list for optimal control of your Barnfind solution. Most competitors have proprietary pin layout and/or software restrictions/limitations on their SFP’s which tend to be extremely expensive. And it can be frustrating to wait on spare parts or expansions. You will soon discover with Barnfind you have your spare part in your pocket. BarnOne’s maintenance cost are extremely affordable.

SFPs — How to read them?

  • BTSFP–LX–SM–3G02:
    BTSFP [barnfind SFP] – LX [nm=1310] – SM [single mode] – 3G [max data rate] – 02 [max transmitting distance in km]
  • LX = wavelength is 1310nm
  • ZX = wavelength is 1550nm