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SilverBack 4K5 & 4K6

A robust, full bandwidth fiber optic link solution.

The MultiDyne family of SilverBack camera-mounted transceivers capture images from SD to 4K and beyond, that extend the range of any HD/4K camera system, reduce weight and save time and money.
The newest member is the SilverBack 4K5 Fiber-Optic System for 4K Quad-Link 3G Camcorders.

The SilverBack family of camera-mounted fiber transport solutions now supports the ‘systemization’ of any existing 4K camera.
IT enables users to broaden the range of their existing 4K cameras by converting any quad-link 4K camcorder to a 4K live fully systemized camera, connected to a base station with a single fiber cable. By putting all of the signals needed for multi-camera 4K/UHD TV production onto a single tactical or SMPTE hybrid fiber cable, the system ensures robust, trouble-free connectivity, whether used in the studio or at a remote location.


One RU Base Station
Five 1.5 or 3Gb/s HD-SDI signals one-way and one SDI-HD/SDI Return path
Two channels of audio
Two channels of Intercom
Two channels of Data
RCP Control
Time Code
Another option to the 4k5 is the 4k6 for 6 SDI video signals sent from the camera to the base and NO SDI video is sent from the base to the camera.
All other signals in the 4k5 and 4k6 are the same.