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Transceiver Modules

All transmission distances indicated here are just for reference. An optical budget loss is required to retrieve the precise transmission performance.

* This is only an initial selection. Other possibilities on request.

Single mode

Order Number Data Rate Distance nm Compatible
BTSFP-LX-SM-0120 155Mbps 20km 1310nm OC-3/STM-1, 10/100Base-Fast Ethernet
BTSFP-LX-SM-0140 155Mbps 40km 1310nm
BTSFP-ZX-SM-0180 155Mbps 80km 1550nm
BTSFP-LX-SM-0620 622Mbps 20km 1310nm SONET OC-12, SDH STM-4/ATM
BTSFP-LX-SM-0640 622Mbps 40km 1310nm
BTSFP-ZX-SM-0680 622Mbps 80km 1550nm
BTSFP-LX-SM-0220 1.25Gbps 20km 1310nm 1000Base Ethernet
BTSFP-LX-SM-0240 1.25Gbps 40km 1310nm
BTSFP-ZX-SM-0280 1.25Gbps 80km 1550nm
BTSFP-LX-SM-0310 2.125Gbps 10km 1310nm OC-48, STM-16
BTSFP-LX-SM-0340 2.125Gbps 40km 1310nm
BTSFP-ZX-SM-0380 2.125Gbps 80km 1550nm
BTSFP-LX-SM-3G02 3G 2km 1310nm SDI ,HD-SDI and 3G-SDI
BTSFP-LX-SM-3G20 3G 20km 1310nm
BTSFP-ZX-SM-3G40 3G 40km 1550nm

Multi mode

Order Number Data Rate Distance nm Compatible
BTSFP-MM-1G550 1.25Gbps 550m 850nm 10/100 Fast Ethernet
BTSFP-MM-2G550 2.5Gbps 550m 850nm SDI-HD
BTSFP-MM-3G02 3Gbps 2km 1310nm 3G